Grey Area is a collaborative project between Clare Parfree and James Thurgill, that seeks to explore the folkloric landscape of wyrd England through the practices of landscape anthropology, site-writing and artistic engagement.

This blog documents the ongoing activities involved with the creation of the collaboration’s output, namely Grey Area, the book. The site will provide textual and photographic updates on our ongoing research into the strange lore, character and experiences that are to be found in the darkest recesses of the English landscape.

– Who we are –


Clare Parfree is a London based artist and graduate of the Open College of the Arts, where she completed an MA in Fine Art. Clare’s work problematises the solidity of place and seeks to explore the interplay between the real and imagined aspects of the lived environment. Among others, Clare’s work has been shown as part of the ArtWorks Open Exhibition (London, 2013), Absolute Magnitude (UK wide, 2011-12) and Daumenkino-thumbcinema (London, 2010).


James Thurgill is a London based researcher and Associate Lecturer of University of the Arts London. James completed his PhD in Cultural Geography with Royal Holloway, University of London, where his thesis, Enchanted Geographies: experiences of place in contemporary British landscape mysticism, explored the relationship between place and enchantment through a set of phenomenological and auto-ethnographic responses to site and ritual.

Please contact us at greyareathebook@outlook.com


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